PLAN srl: pipe and laminate machining since 1991.

PLAN was founded in 1991 from the idea of two friends and established itself in the market with metal structural work productions, pipe and laminate machining, such as structures for furnishing accessories and other products for various sectors, from furniture to plumbing and heating, from automotive to agriculture and general mechanical engineering.


A company focussed more and more on customer service, providing a wide range of processes and services and guaranteeing prompt delivery and quality!


We support the customer from the start of the project in the research and realisation of prototypes and equipment, investing time and offering our know-how. This allows us to offer more effective solutions at competitive costs to then proceed to large-scale production.

Pipe and laminate machining,
and other services.

Light metal structural work is added to pipe and laminate machining. Our services are completed with an attentive quality control in each machining phase, treatment of materials, packaging (customized according to customer needs) and storage


Production aimed at
various sectors.

Pipe and laminate machining allows us to have a wide selection of products for various sectors such as furniture for homes, offices, wellness centres, ships and large infrastructures. PLAN also supplies frames and items for compressors, boilers, heaters and other elements for plumbing and heating. We also produce elements for motorcycles and cars, and for the agricultural sector. We also carry out metal structural work for the mechanical engineering industry, by supplying tubular structures and various semi-finished products.


Plumbing and heating



Mechanical engineering industry


To demonstrate its growth path in continual development, Plan achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification on 5 July 2019. Professionalism, reliability and innovation, have been confirmed as the company's strength.