Plan innovative technology: Panasonic Robot

July 2020

Plan continuously invests in technological innovation and industry 4.0. Even in the current difficulties that have arisen in 2020 due to COVID-19, the company has not been impacted by the negative period and has always believed in the economic recovery. As a demonstration of its willingness to continue with all its efforts, Plan has purchased an additional Panasonic Robot for MIG and TIG welding. An addition that guarantees increasing quality in the production phase: thanks to its high performance, the new machine is able to speed up all the machining cycles. Plan has successfully achieved its objectives of reducing production costs, increasing precision and quality, and speeding up welding times.

Great 2020 successes: Plan becomes Industry

June 2020

From June 2020, Plan officially joins Confindustria Vicenza by becoming Industry. Over the years Plan has faced the evolution of the market in such a way as to offer the best services with the punctuality and quality that characterise it. The transition from crafts to industry gives the company an image that shows commitment and constant interest in the future.


Even This year Plan had the pleasure of collaborating with the University of Padua for the SAE project, helping the 'race up team' in the construction of the frame. This collaboration began four years ago and we are proud to help young people in this project! Plan believes in them and in the search!

Good luck for the July races!