Quality control

Quality control:
the guarantee of a job well done.

In our company, quality control provided by our internal office is guaranteed: our experts control the materials and the production process, but we are also attentive to the well-being of our employees in the workplace. The application of quality control on products entails the verification that each part complies with the requirements agreed with our customers. We carry out this control before delivery through testing and measuring, which are necessary to confirm product conformity (all guaranteed by the CE marking) or to remedy any production defects. Quality control occurs when raw materials enter our company, during production and in the final verification phase of the results.

To work well
this is important in a company.

Production quality, optimal work management (planning activities, monitoring customer satisfaction, documentation control, supplier qualification, etc.) are among the most important elements for us at PLAN, as we have always strived to meet the demands of our customers and their designers. Their trust and the good results we have achieved for years are the demonstration of the efficiency and quality of our work.

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