Surface treatments

PLAN also offers its customers the possibility to request various surface treatments on machined parts. These processes are performed by our external suppliers who have always worked with our company.

Surface treatments are performed after several of our machining operations, such as pipe laser cutting:

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Chrome plating.

With this surface treatment, the specialists we have always relied on cover the machined parts with a layer of chrome, which they apply onto the metal surfaces to improve them aesthetically, increase surface hardness and protect them from corrosion caused by the most common external agents.

Nickel plating.

It is a process that our suppliers carry out to coat the surfaces of metal parts by plating them with a thin layer of nickel. Black nickel, gilding, copper plating and many other finishes are increasingly requested: at Plan we are also able to offer our customers these treatments.

Powder and liquid coating.

The welded and cleaned parts are ready for coating. At Plan we give our customers the possibility to choose the powder (more resistant) and liquid ones. Our suppliers have a large stock of RAL and pantones, to meet the different requirements.


The galvanizing treatment involves coating the steel with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion. Galvanizing can be performed hot (parts are immersed in a molten zinc bath), or electrolytic – a treatment reserved mainly for small-sized and complex-shaped products.

The treatments are often carried out after welding:

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