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Plan is an Italian company that has been machining tubes and laminates since 1991, as well as dealing with various metalworking processes.
Any tube and laminate machining is carried out by Plan with extreme attention to detail to ensure that the finished product is in the best condition for use in the various target sectors, such as furniture, amusement parks, agriculture and industry in general.

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We do not give in to challenges

A corporate mission founded on the progress and constant growth of the R&D department, a team of experienced managers and technicians that assists customers from the beginning of the project to its final completion.

Study, prototype and tool making, dialogue and testing are just a few of the steps that determine the success of a project.

The working method adopted at Plan ultimately enables us to propose the best solutions in terms of quality/price before moving on to serial production.

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Increasingly precise and detailed machining

Developments and innovations are the order of the day for a company that has big plans for the future, with the help of state-of-the-art machinery and increasingly qualified staff.
In recent years investments have been made to increase the number of specialised staff in both the production and R&D departments.
This has enabled us to reach 60 operational staff who boast a wealth of experience and continuous training.

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Safety and Certifications

Every work phase is monitored to ensure production complies with current safety policies.
Processes and the general safety of our workers are constantly monitored.
Products are manufactured in compliance with European CE regulations.

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